Beta Tester

Should you or your company hire my services, rest assured that total confidentiality regarding your product or service can be expected from me during the duration of the contract. I have experience working in high-tech teams and companies.

If you are developing some sort of product for Flight Simulation (FSX), be it a utility program, flyable aircraft, avionics, etc. I am open to becoming a product beta tester if the right conditions are met.

Add-on Scenery

If you are developing add-on scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator X or FS2204 and are looking for someone to give you a honest and professional opinion, I can help you.

Add-on Aircraft

I am not a real life pilot but have a lot of experience in flight simulation. If you are developing an add-on aircraft and are seeking "virtual test pilots" to test your creation you have come to the right place. I have preference for add-on aircraft that are suited for IFR flights. I can test your checklists and report discrepancies and give you valuable feedback before you go to market.

Single engine Multi engine IFR GA Small jets Medium/Large jets

Virtual Avionics

I can test virtual avionics whether these are regular gauges, special instruments or sophisticated glass cockpit add-ons.

If you are developing an actual hardware for use with the flight simulator I can also help out. Not only am I an experienced simmer, I also have some h/w add-ons and have a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering.


If you are developing software utilities for Flight Simulator like Electronic Flight Bags, Flight Planners, Flight Recorders and the like, I have a lot of experience as a software developer and therefore also done quite a lot of testing.

Standalone FSUIPC SimConnect

Team Services

There are some services related to Flight Simulation products that do not include among its tasks to test the actual product but to manage it, lead the team, etc.

Project Management

Last but certainly not least I have noticed that a lot of add-on developers out there seem to have problems with managing their releases and sometimes there is not even clear indications of what belongs to which version. Having built up a lot of experience in software projects and leading development teams as well, I am pretty sure you can make use of my services.