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In the beginning I used to do most of my virtual flights all over the world but especially in Europe and Asia. Granted, Microsoft invested a lot of time developing some nice scenery for the big airports, and in particular those in the USA.

And also there are all sorts of flight simulator scenery developers out there busy making a better world for your flight simulation needs.

Then I moved to Panama and started doing quite some General Aviation virtual flights in Panama using Flight Simulator X (formerly with Flight Simulator 9) and I must say I was appalled at the gross representation of nearly everything in the Panamanian territory of Flight Simulator!

Basically everything is terribly wrong even though I offered helping out with the updates when I was part of the FSX Beta Test team. Here are some of the things that are wrong in FS9, FSX and Prepar3D within the Panamanian territory:

  • The Panama Canal locks are just gross! a total eyesore
  • The country is depicted as something devoid of almost anything interesting
  • The terrain mesh is inaccurate and thus altitudes of mountains are not good
  • The coastline is inacurate
  • There is almost no usable visual reference for true VFR
  • Many of the stock airports are in the wrong place
  • Missing many of not only nice but also challenging local airports
  • The stock airports are just a landing strip with nothing else with few exceptions

Panama Lite X

Panama Lite X

Panama Lite X is a (payware) add-on scenery package for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX). Sadly, the default FSX scenery coverage for the Republic of Panama (and most of Latinamerica) is utterly deficient and in many cases inaccurate. The landclasses are wrong, many islands are missing, coastal areas are not accurate, many airports are either missing, inaccurate or terribly incomplete. Many landmarks are missing thus making visual flight very unrealistic, something unfortunate because in some areas flights are conducted under Visual Flight Rules (VFR).

This add-on is a large project covering the entire Republic of Panama. The project has been underway for months and progress has been slow because it requires actual on-site visits and gathering information which is in many cases not even published by the local civil aviation authority and therefore alternate methods of research need to be applied.

The package does not aim to produce photoreal scenery for the Republic of Panama nor does it intend to model the entire country so do not expect it to be like ORBX products or the like. It does however provide accurate depictions of local airfields such as their geographical location (latitude, longitude, altitude), terrain enhancements (mesh), runway(s), taxiways, aprons, parking locations, custom airport buildings, custom landmarks buildings, etc. Major care is taken to make the airport surroundings as realistic as possible based on on-site visits and research of satellite imagery and available (real life) aeronautical information.

It should be noted that Panama Lite X and its components is a product for Flight Simulation use only and is not intended for use in real life navigation. Neither Coralys Design & Consultancy, nor Lord of Wings Flight Simulation or its developers are responsible for any damage caused as a result of the use of this package.

Currently over 15 airfields (several not even present in the default FSX) are being developed but due to limited resources I will be bringing them out at packages or components covering "large" regions with several airports per package.

Panama Lite X is a multi-package rendition of our little country made with a lot of love and little resources (so bear with me). The packages that are currently under various phases of completion are listed below.

  • Panama Lite X: Azuero Airfields
  • Panama Lite X: San Blas Airfields
  • Panama Lite X: Bonus pack

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it labelled Lite?
This add-on is labelled "Lite" because it is light on the simulator framerate and does not use photoscenery.
Why is it not photoreal?
I do not have a budget to acquire satellite imagery from the usual providers. In some cases however local providers are hired to produce imagery of very small locations (rather than tiles or places). Because it is not photoreal I can pass on the savings on to you, the end user.
What is the expected sale price of the package?
A package containing a single region of Panama (Panama Lite X has several components) is expected to have a very affordable price, probably ranging from $10 - $20. Do remember this has taken considerable amounts of personal time as well as personal investments to visit those sites.
Are the airports exactly as their real life counterparts?
Utmost care has been taken to make it as accurate as practicaly possible. Custom buildings at the airfield (or surrounding landmarks) have been modelled and whenever available up-to-date aeronautical information has been used. In some cases a little bit of artistical license has been taken to maximize your pleasure by adding a few extra things.
Does it supports Flight Simulator 2004 or earlier?
No, the product is targeted especifically to Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) using native FSX SDK and tools. There is no intention to support earlier versions of Flight Simulator.
Any plans to support Flight Gear (Linux) or X-Plane?
No, there are no resources to support either of these products. Learning the FSX Software Developer's Kit as well as other required tools such as Sketch Up or GMAX takes considerable time.
How will it be available?
The Panama Lite X product and/or its components will be available for download after payment has been received. We may also make it available in CD (hard media) format. In any case it will require registration
How long has it been in development?
Panama Lite X has been in development since about May 2010 and the Azuero Peninsula package has been in development approximately since December 2010. It has been an arduous work of investigations, travels, learning new tools to make 3D buildings possible, etc. We hope you appreciate the effort of this undertaking.
Is there a shortened URL for Lord of Wings Flight Simulation?
Sure, try Lord of Wings Flight Simulation on Facebook